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Funding Your Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Solutions 

What is C-PACE

C-PACE or Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy is a long term financing tool for commercial property owners to pay for energy efficiency upgrades

A City or County creates a land secured financing district. Property owners sign up for financing to install energy projects. The lender then provides funds to pay for project. 

Property Owners then install upgrades to their facilities then the C-PACE loan is paid back through a special assessment on their property taxes 

Local Government 

establishes PACE Program. After approval City or County will create C-PACE Financing District  

Property owner completes energy audit to indentify energy savings. Lender provides capital to pay for approved energy projects. 

Property owner receives capital and hires contractors to install energy efficiency projects

Owners use energy

savings to repay

special assessment against the property through property tax bill

What is CPACE?
Benefits of C-PACE 

Cash flow positive from day one and increased property value 

Solves split incentive problem, payments can be passed easily to tenant 

Financing is not tied to the credit of the property owner or developer

Decreases maintenance cost and increases net operating income 

Non-recourse (no personal guarantee) payments run with the land and are

transferred to subsequent owner upon sale of property 

Long term with no upfront cost - 100% financing 

Energy savings can fund C-PACE assessment payments 

Creates Local Jobs 

Lower cost of doing business 

Healthy Environmental Impact 



C-PACE in the Capital Stack










Active C-Pace States 

C-PACE Legislation is constantly developing. Currently these are the markets with funded projects

  • Oregon

  • California

  • Utah

  • Colorado 

  • Texas

  • Nebraska

  • Missouri

  • Arkansas 

  • Minnesota 

  • Wisconsin

  • Michigan

  • Ohio

  • Kentucky

  • New York

  • New Hampshire

  • Maryland 

  • Rhode Island 

  • Washington DC 

  • Virginia

  • Florida 

​       In Process 

  • New Jersey

  • Illinois 

  • Georgia

  • Pennsylvania 

  • Massachusetts 

  • Nevada 

Detailed USA map (2).jpg
Benfits of C-PACE
Where is C-PACE?
US government building


building construction

New Construction 

Empty Factory


Shopping Mall


Office Building


Improving Your Asset Efficiently 

Two workers inspecting ventilation syste


Empty Factory


Insulation Installation in Room


Solar Panel Installation

Solar Energy

Switching Roofs


Residential district Rotterdam Crooswijk

Multi Family

Worker install windows and glass on tall


Water pipe system. Installation of water


             Ohio State University


          Student Housing Project 

        :New Construction Project


            5 Story 258 micro unit 

           PACE Loan: $4,817, 207


             Library Park Apartments 


            Downtown Columbus, Ohio

         Rehab/New Construction Project:


               70 Studio Apartments   

               PACE Loan: $2,790,604


             Case Western University 


                   Cleveland, Ohio

           New Construction Project:


               204 Bed Student Housing  

              PACE Loan: $2,906,388


                 McKinley Grand Hotel 


                  Hall of Fame Village                                   

                      Canton, Ohio 

                Redevelopment Project:


              166 Room Hilton Hotel  

              PACE Loan: $3,040,000


              Hamilton Quarter Office 


                    Columbus, Ohio

            New Construction Project:


               141,437 Sq. Ft.  - 11 acres  

              PACE Loan: $4,320,000

Park Inn Original.jpg


                         Park Inn Hotel 


                          Toledo, Ohio

                  Redevelopment Project:


                   Hilton/Homewood Suites                                                            309 Room Hotel   

                  PACE Loan: $9,355,000

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