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Financing Parameters

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Project Type: Commercial Projects Only: Industrial, New Contruction, Re-Development, Multi-Use,

Residential, Upgrade of other Qualified C-PACE Expense 

Loan Size: $1,000,000 to $20,000,000+

Loan Terms: 5-30 Years 

Max LTV: Up to 100% 

Geography: All States with C-PACE Enabling Legislation and Active C-PACE Program Administrators 

Property Taxes: Current, without Delinquency over last 5 years 

Prepayment: Prepayable at anytime. Prepayment fees vary based on loan terms 

Amortization: Self Amortizing 

Underwriting Documentation

Underwriting Documentation

Underwriting Documentation:


Appraised Value at Completion 


Energy Efficiency and Savings Detail (Energy Audit) 


Title Report 


Entity Authorization Documents 


Underlying RE Loan Agreements or Term Sheets  


Executive Mortgage Lender Consent 


Commercial Property Insurance 


Construction Contracts 


C-PACE Program Admin Final Application 

Sponsor/Owner Information  (Background/Resumes, Financial History 3 Years (PFS if individuals) 

C-PACE Specific Sources and Uses 


Project Proforma: Historical 3 Years and Future Proforma 3 Years

Loan Term Expectation 


Energy Special Improvement District (ESID)-  Creation and Approval Time Line 



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